Mastery with a smile

Imagine if as you grinding more on your craft it got more enjoyable?

Check this out...

“Those who perfect bringing joy to every day of their lives are not unlike any other master—they work so hard at something that it soon becomes play. The greatest artists and athletes, the highest achieving executives and entrepreneurs, the happiest laborers and the most respected leaders all lose themselves in their work with great zeal and enthusiasm. Their efforts are like a game. They immerse themselves cheerfully as if playing to their strengths in a great sandlot. They do not look angry, bewildered, frustrated, or restless but rather relaxed, effortless. Even in chaos and turmoil, they meet struggle with intense and spirited joy. They engage in the challenge and honor it as if they expected it and accept it. Even amid the discomfort of growing complexity of building their lives and their careers, they often appear unfazed and nearly serene. They often sing while they toil, and smile while perplexed and working. They spend and stretch themselves with devotion, willing themselves to remain positive and cheerful, knowing that one day their diligence will make them masters, knowing that one day they will have their victory and transcendence. These are the joyous masters.” Burchard

What do you want to master?

With Arete,


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