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Masterpiece it...daily

Check this cool take on master piece days

“In this exercise, your job is to map out what your perfect day looks like along the path to achieving your vision. There are two parts to this exercise: the macro and the micro. First up is the macro part, where you figure out what your perfect day would look like at a general level. Not every day is going to be exactly the same. Each day will look a little different depending on what happened the day before. It should look a little different; otherwise life would get boring and monotonous. Still, you want to have a broad sense for what each perfect day will feel like. This starts with a series of questions.

How do I want every day to look?

How do I want to feel every single day?

What am I creating daily?

Whom am I spending time with?

What places am I exposing myself to?

What passions am I fulfilling?” (Howes)

With Arete


Ps answer them questions! Go on!

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