Massive vs marginal

When you create a grand vision do ya try n take massive action towards it?

Good in all, and a lot of ‘advice’ out there to follow that.

Hold the phone just a sec.

“It is about marginal gains,’ he said. ‘The approach comes from the idea that if you break down a big goal into small parts, and then improve on each of them, you will deliver huge increase when you put them all together.’

It sounds simple, but as a philosophy, marginal gains has become one of the hottest concepts not just in sports, but beyond. ...

As Brailsford puts it: ‘I realized early on that having a grand strategy was futile on its own. You also have to look at the smaller level, figure out what is working and what isn’t. Each step may be small, but the aggregation can be huge.’ ...

Brailsford puts it this way: ‘If you break a performance into its component parts, you can build back up with confidence. Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement. Marginal gains, as an approach, is about having the intellectual honesty to see where you are going wrong, and delivering improvements as a result.” (Syed)

What marginal gains could you make next?



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