Many sunrises

Isn't’ in amazing how the way we feel and think can change?

Think of that. One moment you can be in a particular head and heart space and then…

You can change it or it changes.

Where am I going with this?

One morning I woke up on the button at 4. That first hour up was not entirely inspirational. The ‘fog’ was still clearing.

An hour later?

I was watching a beautiful sunrise feeling inspired.

The reflection there was simple.

Thoughts + feelings can change and may need to be challenged (by us) as we leave our comfort zones.

When I first woke up these were the auto thoughts…

“Nah, there’s nothing here to see, why, what’s the point”.

But I just disputed em and cracked on.

Check this out….

Practice disputing your automatic interpretations all the time from now on.”

~ Martin Seligman

Those thoughts are gonna come, and they gonna go.

You just gotta hold your ground and know that your potential aint’ going anywhere. It’s here for the long haul awaiting for you to take it by the reigns.

Practice that.



P.s. there are so many sunrises to enjoy. Go see em.

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