Many plans

When you rock your plans of potential consider that the first plan may not take you all the way.

If it does ...awesome!

If it doesn’t chill, then rock the next plan.

Check this...

“When I first started out in business I used to say things like, ‘Screw the backup plan! Backup plans are for wimps.’ But now I know that this isn’t usually the greatest idea. Backup plans don’t make us wimpy; they actually allow us to take on more risk. ...

The next time you take on a potentially risky gambit or endeavor, sit down and sketch out your own ‘if-then’ equation. Remember, there can always be a backup plan. If plan A fails, you have 25 letters left.” (Guillebeau)

What does plan b,c,d,e,f and g look like for you?

with Arete,


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