Making waves

At the time of writing this we recently took our 11-month year old swimming for the first time.

He was as calm as a baby…literally making waves and splashes in the water with his hands and then pausing to enjoy the calm before rocking those splashes again.


He had a great time.

And then?

Once dried off he was out for the count, fast asleep (all in a day’s work).

Check this out from Loehr…

“Making waves is another term for the same concept of balance between the stress and recovery cycles …. Whether we express it as day and night, peaks and valleys, or ebb and flow, the recurring themes of toughening always involve dynamic movement, expansion of challenge, change, growth, oscillation, and rhythm alternating with rest and recovery.”

Think about your on and off, day or night, work and play segments.

What do you do when it’s game on + what do you do when it’s quarter time, half time, full time?

Consider how you could increase your experience of making waves between ‘stress’ and recovery.

Break it down, test it….just do your thing and see what works.



p.s. be willing to be adaptive

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