Making choices

When you think of the word ‘choice’ what image comes to mind?

I can recall a health psychology class in which the lecturer said that too many choices can be bombarding.

Yet learning to be decisive and make informed decisions can be clarifying.

Check out this nifty framework that may be useful to ya…

“First Choice: Crazy good vs. Hard knock

Second Choice: Choosing vs. Trying to decide Third Choice: Verb vs. Noun

Fourth Choice: Creating vs. Reacting

Fifth Choice: Something vs. Nothing

Sixth Choice: Systems vs. Dreams

Seventh Choice: Serving vs. Pleasing

Eighth Choice: Game vs. Shame

Ninth Choice: The Want-to vs. The How-to

Tenth Choice: Agreement vs. Expectation

Eleventh Choice: Testing vs. Trusting

Twelfth Choice: Purpose vs. Personality

Thirteenth Choice: Transformation vs. Information Fourteenth Choice: Love vs. Fear

Fifteenth Choice: Living vs. Dying”

Which choices have you made?

Which choices are you yet to make?



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