Make your ‘go to’ place your friend

“To be everywhere is to be nowhere.” That’s one of the lesser hard-hitting lines from a book written by Seneca, “Letters of a Stoic”.

I’ve pulled this line because it’s really really important to us in practice as we seek to define, discover and develop our potential.

Case in point…

During my first year of University I can say that I was somewhat focused, but not really. It was more about assimilation into the University than application. No regrets, age related in some way and a superb opportunity to meet and connect with who are now lifelong friends.

However, as I turned a corner into my second year I had a goal of getting into the honours program of psychology.

I knew that I needed to be prepared, stay ready and be FOCUSED.

I could be everywhere yet needed to be somewhere. By somewhere, I’m not referring to some distant shore.

That somewhere for me on a daily basis was the library!

My go to place to be focused, remain focused and study with focus was the main library. I started to make it a habit of going there regularly.

At first it was a big deal just to enter the library. Then it was a win to sit down and open my books. As I did this enough times over days and weeks and months showing up at the library became habituated.

The library became my friend. My companion on my undergraduate journey.

“To be everywhere is to be nowhere” is something I can relate to because once I focused in on an academic goal bigger picture style it became easier to identify what I wanted to study on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. It became easier to eliminate ‘everywhere’ options. It became easier to say no to distractions.

Is there an academic goal that you have?

The library might not be your ‘go to’.

What is?

Make it your friend.



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