Make the turns

“Find a form of service that calls to you, that suits your abilities, aptitudes, qualities, and interests, that makes time fly, that draws forth your best, that tells you you’ve arrived home and found yourself.”

That line comes from Dan Millman.

Easier said than done huh?

You willing to go on a journey?

To define, discover and develop your potential?

You might not find it off the bat and you might even shift vocations along the way.

Lemme give you an example of this.

When out in Canada I connected with someone whom in my view had already totally rocked it in reach and impact.

As we were speaking, they were expressing how they were in transition into another vocation.

You see, it does not have to be set in stone. Might be something you discover, develop and master and then?

You might find yourself moving onto another area of development and mastery.

This happened to me whilst out in Brazil after years of martial arts training and on my own journey in reaching the penultimate milestone on that particular road.

It was only once I got there did I appreciate it was time to make a transition.

You won’t know though unless you try and at least give a level of commitment to it to test it, test you and test it’s viable future.

The feedback will come from experience, not fantasy.



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