Make the most of your day

‘How to make the most of your workday’ is a great reflection to be had + the title of a book by Phyllis Korkki.

Phyllis offers some productivity protocols to press play on.

Check these.

On Multitasking…

· Do one task at a time

· Block social media

· Take work in 5-10 minute intervals

· Work from one screen

On Procrastination…

· Get accountability from a peer to complete a task on time

· Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to map 5-8 task for tomorrow

· Reserve desk space to the project at hand (not papers from weeks ago)

· Identify set places for new and complete projects

On using Technology…

· If an online project taking longer consult for advice

· Turn of message notifications

· Reply to messages at specific times

On Doing Projects…

· Sit and work for 20 minutes

· Stand for 8 minutes (whilst working)

· Break for 2 minutes

· Repeat

· If time allows take 10 hours to refresh thinking on the project

· Get good posture

Any of these you wanna test out?

When and where would be good to start?

What would you work on?



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