Lifting incrementally

Being a student of potential can arguably be a life long approach.

And acting with your potential, with what you got now and still to come is important.

There ain’t nothing you need to wait for to crack on now.

Not a degree, not an exam, not whatever.

All very important to go for and totally crush and yet don’t wait for those things to feel worthy, or ready before you really test yourself.

“How strong are you? How will you lift the world? How will you be a beacon of strength for others? These are the questions of utmost importance... Every one of us has a time limit to fulfill our destiny. Don’t be one who waits for the final buzzer to start to really live. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a dream. Today is the day to make your mark—to make a difference.” Phillips

Might be that making a difference is currently just in your world.

Might be its in others too.

Whereever it is.

How can you notch it up a bit?

With Arete,


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