Life planning

I can vividly remember attending a seminar in which the speaker talked about writing down his dreams, goals, visions and mission over years.

He took out the document. It was more than 500 pages thick!

Now, no one is saying you gotta write 500 pages!

But have you even written one page linked to your life plan?

“A Life Plan is a short written document, usually five to fifteen pages long. It is created by you and for you. It describes how you want to be remembered. It articulates your personal priorities. It provides the specific actions necessary to take you from where you are to where you want to be in every major area of your life. It is most of all a living document that you will tweak and adjust as necessary for the rest of your life.” (Hyatt and Harkavy)

If your to picture a life plan in images what do you see?

With Arete,


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