Levels of Critical Thinking

"Among the most important skills of critical thinking is the ability to distinguish between what a statement or situation actually implies, and what people merely (and wrongly) infer from it." (Paul and Elder).

Check out these interesting levels of critical thinking from Paul and Elder.

1. The "Unreflective Thinker" - essentially we all start out in this way. We don't reflect.

2. The "Challenged Thinker" - self - awareness regarding one's own faulty thinking.

3. The "Beginning Thinker" - you acknowledge thinking is important making effort to improve yet in a somewhat irregular and inconsistent way.

4. The "Practicing Thinker" - you devise a plan to regularly improve your thinking.

5. The "Advanced Thinker" - you regularly practice thinking to improve future thinking.

6. The "Master Thinker" - you have well developed critical thinking skills and they come easily to you.

Which level are you at?

What do you need to engage in next to level up?

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