Left to your own devices

Whatever device you may have in your back pocket (n probably it’s right in front of you) note that this little tech of potential can also be a bundle of distraction.

Check this from Stulberg and Magness backed by some very fascinating research…

“Let’s say that you could somehow resist the temptation to check your phone when it is near you.This in and of itself would take a lot of effort. Rather than devoting all your cognitive energy to what you are truly trying to accomplish, a good portion of it instead goes toward thinking about checking your phone, imagining what might be awaiting you on it, and restraining yourself from actually checking….Smartphones distract us where they are on, off, in our pockets, or on a table, and they command our attention even when they are not our own.”

Right now, where is your phone or device? If you don’t need it for your potential and growth right now why is it out?

FOMO? Need for approval? Number of likes or dislikes?

Is the next message that pings really gonna be the one that takes you to new levels of potential?

Probably not.

Come on then..what you waiting for?

Here’s a challenge – put it somewhere out of reach and out of mind where it’s difficult to get to…even if just for 15 minutes so you can get on with what you always yearn for. Next levels of potential.

with ARETE,


p.s unless of course your phone is a crucial part of that deal? Is it though…is it really?!

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