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Leave the Carrots

Are you farsighted or nearsighted?

Sure, we need both in a way that is linked…

Check this from Hankel…

“I was a sheep. I had spent the last ten years running away from sticks and chasing carrots. Instead of finding my own purpose and working to fulfill it, I had been working to fulfill other people’s purposes. Everything turned around in that moment.”

Hankel goes on to say this…

“When we live our lives within the herd and without farsighted vision—like sheep instead of strategists—we end up trapped. Feeling trapped in a situation or bound by your circumstances is one of the worst feelings in the world. It can feel like you’re slowly rotting while everyone else is getting ahead. The good news is that no matter how far down the tactical rabbit hole you have traveled, it’s never too late to start thinking like a strategist. A strategist is someone who can see the end from the beginning and who acts independently from other people’s expectations. A strategist is someone who maps out their purpose in life and works backwards to fulfill that purpose.”

Its 5.41 am on a weekend as I write this.

Why am I sharing that.

Because there is no carrot or stick on earth that has got me up to commit to this.

+ I ain’t no sheep.

I’m farsighted.

+ I’m willing to figure out what my own nearsighted commitments linked to my farsighted goals are and show up.

Keep the carrots in the kitchen.



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