Learning Potential

Imagine having the learning potential to for e.g. recall every single cell number in your 'phone book.'

Case in point...

Meet Arnold, a 69-year-old staff member of a beautiful hotel. I met Arnold whilst taking a writing break. He approached me and took out an a4 size piece of paper with more than 500 names and telephone numbers of people listed.

At will, he was able to recall any number with 100% accuracy!

He then asked me for my cell number, which I rattled off once and immediately he could recall it and locked it in and even later recalled it backwards!

I asked him how he was able to do this.

One word.


The point here is not to necessarily learn everything off by heart.

The point here is that regardless of age there is power in practice and deliberate learning sessions.

Arnold carries that piece paper with him everywhere. One piece of paper with key information (organized and systematized) that he adds to, builds on and locks into his long-term memory + light to carry.

He is incredibly inspiring and clearly loves the learning process.

See if you can write down everything you have to learn for an upcoming test, exam, assignment on one single page. Then lock it in with regular practice sessions (spaced), compare that with the content you are seeking to master and identify the gaps in your learning + repeat session after session, day after day (working on the gaps in your knowledge).

Arnold even now at the age of 69 years of age has family members and those he engages with regularly ‘test’ him. He just won a bet with a family member! Chuckles!

Tony Buzan, author of ‘Master your Memory’ and many other learning books says:

“Through using our memory to its fullest we can unlock the vast reservoir of human potential that isn’t currently being used.”

Arnold is definitely an example of unlocking that reservoir in his own unique way and he is 69 years old!

If he can do it, you can do it!



p.s Arnold has no need for the phone book function on a cell phone. Imagine getting to that point of mastery in your own learning? What would that look like for you? What ‘cell phone’ would you leave behind?

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