Leadership Habits

Let’s take a peek at John C. Maxwell’s 21 laws of leadership.

Fasten your seatbelt. We in for a ride!

1. The Law of the Lid – raise your potential by developing your leadership skill set.

2. The Law of Influence – the yardstick of leadership in Maxewell’s view. Can you positively influence others?

3. The Law of Process - “Leadership develops daily, not in a day.”

4. The Law of Navigation – blueprint an effective way forward in advance.

5. The Law of Addition – a mindset of ‘How can I serve?’

6. The Law of Solid Ground – ensure your foundation is strong aka your character.

7. The Law of Respect – develop you own strength, so others can follow you.

8. The Law of Intuition – “Trust yourself. Always.”

9. The Law of Magnetism – To attract ‘great’ people be great yourself.

10. The Law of Connection – “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.”

11. The Law of Inner Circle – Our leadership potential is impacted by those whom are closest to us.

12. The Law of Empowerment – cultivate your own confidence such that you can empower others.

13. The Law of the Picture – envision what excellence looks like and share that with others.

14. The Law of Buy in – people will first follow you before they follow your vision

15. The Law of Victory – become committed to achieving.

16. The Law of Big Momentum – create momentum by achieving + celebrating small milestones that move towards the big picture.

17. The Law of Priorities – know what is important and prioritize it accordingly

18. The Law of Sacrifice – as you develop as a leader you will gain more responsibility which will require letting go of some things.

19. The Law of Timing – learn when to move and when you see it strike while the iron is hot.

20. The Law of Explosive Growth – grow through developing more leaders.

21. The Law of Legacy – leaders think about how they want to be remembered for their contribution.

Great stuff. Seat belt off now.

Application time.

Choose one.

Define, Discover and Develop it.

Then repeat…



p.s you could look at any of these qualities and ask ‘How can I develop it?’ Once you’ve got the answer Woop it! (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan).

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