Lead and Lag

Ever heard the term ‘Lag time’?

How about ‘Lead time’?

A lag measure informs you of whether you’ve achieved a goal.

A lead measure let’s you know in advance the likelihood of achieving a goal.

Check this out…

“Let’s drill down into the distinction between lag and lead measures. A lag measure is the measurement of a result you are trying to achieve. We call them lag measures because by the time you get the data the result has already happened; they are always lagging.

Lead measures are different; they foretell the result. They have two primary characteristics.

First, a lead measure is predictive, meaning that if the lead measure changes, you can predict that the lag measure also will change. Second, a lead measure is influenceable; it can be directly influenced ...” (CHRIS MCCHESNEY, SEAN COVEY, JIM HULING)

A two – fold question for you here is…

1. What is one of your lag measures?

2. What are one of your lead measures?



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