Lay it out

When I was a child my Father told me about how how his Aunty in Cape Town taught him to lay his clothes out the night before on a chair.

I did not fully get that story until I was much older.

You see the story was not so much about actual clothes on a chair but the preparation time we put into something in advance of the ‘kick off’.

I wake up early each morning and the last thing I want to do is think about what I’m going to wear and where on earth to find what I‘m going to wear.

So what did I do?

Like my Great Aunty, I ‘lay out’ everything I need on the ‘chair’ the night before. I have my bag packed for gym and in the car, gym clothes layed out, and gym shoes ready so it’s game on.

When I wake up in the morning the step from waking up and being ready is that bit more easier because of the ‘pre-steps’ lined up in advance.

This of course may look different for you. It could be for example a study session you have intended for the morning.

How about setting it up the night before by way of book marking what you are going to cover such that when you get to it, its an easier matter of opening the ‘book’ where you want to it pick up from?

Whatever it is, give it a try, laying it out on the chair the night before.



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