Large - Scale

Imagine rocking your days with a tremendous focus and unstoppable will towards something humungous. I mean like, something way bigger than you that involves you.

What could that be?

“To live in this way means finding large-scale purposes that concentrate your talents, skills, thoughts, and energies in an enduring manner. It means finding something that you truly believe in, something so worth accomplishing that you dedicate yourself to it wholeheartedly, without qualm or self-interest. It means devoting yourself to a cause, or to many causes, that you consider noble purposes.” (Damon)

There’s definitely no need to rush this but let us reiterate this point originally put down in ‘Becoming a Student of Purpose’.

The more a ‘student act’s with purpose, the more their purpose grows.’

You see you don’t have to have it all figured out (who does!)

More…take what you’ve got in front of you now and up your game and focus towards the task at hand with increased intentionality.

As you do that you are developing your capacity to “concentrate your talents, skills, thoughts, and energies in an enduring manner."

You’ll be absolutely amazed as to how you’ll grow.



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