Lamp posts + you

Several years ago and during the early stages of running the extra mile with a close friend we used to repeat a saying from Drucker to one another.

“What gets measured gets managed.”

The purpose?

To remind ourself of the furthest lamp post we had run to on a previous run + aiming to get that little bit further this time around.

Check this out…

“One little secret of medicine and social science is how measurement itself creates improvement. When researchers study the effect of a given intervention, simply asking people to track a specific outcome makes it more likely to improve. While this is a limitation for scientific experiments, you can use this to your advantage. If you want to increase your activity, measure how much you move. When people are assigned to wear a pedometer as part of randomized controlled trials, they walk at least one extra mile per day on average. Overall activity levels go up by 27 percent. Body Mass Index (BMI) decreases, and blood pressure goes down.” (Tim Rath)

What part of your potential could do with a bit of measurement?

What are those metrics for you? Kilometers, KGS, time on task, number of pages written or read?

It’s up to you and based really on your own ‘extra mile’.

Measure it…Manage it.



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