Keep your books open

I used to be a student that believed effort and intelligence and talent were fixed. I was caught up a lot in comparison between high performers and myself, who I deemed to be a low performer.

And then?

I started incrementally adding to my time on task, which in a study context was the amount of time I had the text book open and my eyes upon the pages.

When I’d walk to the bus stop, I’d walk with a book in my hand.

On the bus?

Book in hand.

Walking into college?

Book in hand.

Why the original self limiting view?

Part of this was believing a limiting label from a teacher who point blank told me if I work really hard I could maybe pass.

Long story short, I passed on the pass and wanted more from an educational system and teachers so went to find it.

I shifted colleges and justed started leaning in and refused any longer to view my potential as either fixed or limited.

The explanation for what I was capable of could not possibly be defined by another alone.

“People who make permanent and universal explanations for their troubles tend to collapse under pressure, both for a long time and across situations.” ~ Martin Seligman

You don’t need to view your limitations as fixed nor permanent, but rather changeable and temporary.

If that means carrying the ‘textbook’ with you wherever you go always a ready to learn…good!

What’s your ‘textbook’ right now?

With Arete,


P.s. keep the books open for learning.

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