Keep an eye

Imagine a future you that has become all that you have sought to become and achieved all that you have wanted to achieve.

What qualities does this future you embody?


Which of those qualities do you have already?

If you were to pick one quality that the future you has that you currently have in the least developed way, which would it be?

See yourself now, defining, discovering and developing that quality and adding it to your character over the short, medium + long term.

What’s one small step you could take today to move yourself a little more towards that future you?

For e.g. an area where I wanted to develop this was in the way I taught and spoke to large audiences.

I simply started by practicing more alone and when no one was looking.

You future you does not require you to achieve something in order for you to grow.

It’s the deliberate practice + experience that will lead you towards a greater version of you.

“Keeping you eye on the future is essential for making the most of today. You need to acknowledge where you are, but you also need to see clearly where you are going. What do you want in each of the major categories of your life? What would they look like in their ideal state?

... What’s important is that the future be enticing enough to stay focused. We call this pull power.

A goal needs to draw you. ... Pull power is essential to reach our goals. You need to see a future with such clarity and desirability that you will go through all the uncomfortable things life throws at you to attain it.”



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