Keep Adding

There is value in hearing from others who have walked a path of potential (and still are).

Check out this message from a student who graduated.

“Motivation is a lot like exercise. It needs to be done daily to see consistent results- so watch a video today, speak to someone tomorrow, sit back and imagine the pride in your family's faces during graduation day - everyday just keep adding wood to keep the fire burning”.

Easy to say, ‘keep the fire burning’ but how do we do that?



In other words test and reflect upon different tools & methods that help to keep the fire burning for you.

Here an excerpt from ‘Becoming a Student of Motivation’ from a part of a process called the ‘The Greater Picture’…

‘Think of someone you admire, a role model who is motivated’.

A person I admire is:

'Imagine they have come to visit you. What would they say that would  be inspiring to you?’

In having a conversation with your role model they are interested to  know what are the top three things that make you motivated.

You tell them that the top three things that make you motivated are:

1. 2. 3.

‘You role model asks you further, how do you know when you are motivated?’

I know I am motivated because __________________________________

I know I am motivated because __________________________________ I know I am motivated because __________________________________



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