Just Wonderful

Banter can be a good thing and can lighten the day.

As the saying goes from Bob Nelson…

“Take the work seriously, but yourself lightly.”

Banter = “exchange of remarks in a good-humoured teasing way”.

It’s certainly one I try and thread through my day with my kids, family, friends and those I work closely with.

An example of that was during a time out with colleagues we were each impersonating one another around the words and phrases we have perceived to have been used most frequently.

One colleague had a predisposition towards saying “Absolutely, just wonderful, absolutely” to almost everything!

Ever seen the movie ‘Yes Man?’

It’s a comedy about a someone who tries to shake things up by saying ‘Yes’ to every single thing that comes along. Does not take long for the ride to get quite interesting.

Where am I going with this?

Well first off, it’s not wise to say ‘Yes’ to everything that comes along or to unquestionably ‘absolutely’ ‘wonderfulize’ everything. It’s just not realistic.

There’s gonna be benefits and drawbacks to what you take on and say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to + it’s not always going to be a ‘yes’ that comes your way.

Your discernment and wise judgment towards appraising what moves you towards your potential and what takes you away from it requires saying ‘yes’ + ‘no’ and being aware of the benefits and drawbacks that come from the choices you make.

No need for ‘absolutely, just wonderful, absolutely’ all of the time.

Just a healthy dose of self and other appreciation + going towards your potential with yes + no.

“Yes lives in the land of no. Without no there could be no yes. No means you are in action.” (Ventura)

Isn’t that just ‘wonderful’!



p.s. Quick side note – did you know sense of humour can be a strength? Absolutely.

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