Just 'do it' vs. Just 'start it'

I gotta put it out there.

I’m a big fan of Nike, love the shoes n designs, n the tick and the slogan.

Where am I going this this? Clues in the slogan.

Check this below from Pychyl on procrastination and doing…

“Notice we are not using the famous Nike slogan of ‘Just do it!’ It’s about just getting started. The ‘doing it’ will take care of itself once we get going. If we think about ‘just doing it,’ we risk getting overwhelmed with all there is to do. If we just take a first step, that is much easier…

…As a strategy, you may find that you have to just get started many times throughout the day, even on the same task. …The thing to remember is that just getting started may happen many times in a day.”

That’s an important distinction there. No need to ‘just do it’ but to just ‘start it’ and if needs be several times throughout the day.

Don’t even need to wear shoes to do that.

'Just start it' no matter how small.



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