Just do it (again)

Trying and failing (and trying again) are part of the deal. Even those we see as prolific and high performing go through what we go through.

In his book 'Do the work' Pressfield talks about this...

 "...finally, after seventeen years of trying, 

finished my first novel. I drove over to my friend and mentor ... and told him 

what I had done. ‘Good for you,’ he said. ‘Now start the next one.’

That’s what I say to you now. 

Take the rest of the day off. ...Give 

yourself a standing ovation. 

Then get back to work. Begin the next one tomorrow. 

...Start before you’re ready” (Pressfield).

Just finished a test, essay, lecture, assignment or project milestone? Got a 'rough' week ahead? Great stuff! Take a break. Reward yourself and then...

Get back to your craft.

When is you next time out?

When is your next time in?

With Arete,


Steven Pressfield is a prolific author of books such as The War of Art, Turning Pro, and

Do the Work (amongst many others). Interesting fact, Stephen was made an honorary citizen of Sparta, Greece (largely for his 'work'). You can check out Steve on

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