Just a Cabbage

I was in the shop the other day with an empty cart and a whole lotta possibilities.

It was late afternoon and supper was to be had.

I left there with a Chinese cabbage!

Here’s how….

“The most influential choices you make for your health occur in the grocery store. Once you put something in your cart, good or bad, it is likely to end up in your stomach. Even if you feel some remorse about your poor choice in the store, when you get home, your willpower stands little chance. After all, you paid for it, and it is only a few steps away at that point.

Anytime I visit our neighborhood grocery store, I spend most of my time in the fresh produce and seafood sections. I also try to avoid the middle aisles altogether. As they are filled with unhealthy, addictive items. If I don’t see the salty pretzels, there is no chance they will wind up in my cart.” (Tim Rath).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all greens.

I’m just mindful that if it ain’t at home and in easy reach, chances are I ain’t gonna chow it.

That goes for the good stuff and the not so good stuff.



p.s. what’s an item that can remain in the grocey store (for you)?

p.p.s. what’s a real goodie (for your potential – think brain food) that’s well worth bringing home?

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