It’s your path

You may find as you are navigating your path of potential that you are hitting a lot of new terrain.

Perhaps the first in your family or community to be entering into higher education.

The first one in the family to be paving the way for others.

Can be a perceived heavy burden to carry for sure.

Check this out from Dr. Bob Rotella, author of “How Champions Think”…

“I’m always telling people that I don’t care what their families or their schools or their communities said or thought about them. I tell them, ‘You’re an adult now, and you get to decide.’ So what’s the decision going to be? You get to write your life story. Will you be heroic or just someone trying to get by? Will you be the star or someone sitting on the end of the bench?”

This is not to say that your community or loved ones don’t matter…they absolutely do. The point Rotella is putting forth here is do not be held back by the perceptions of others.

Use that as fuel to go even further.

You get to decide now…to choose…to test…to act…to get feedback…and to ultimately improve towards a path of potential of your own doing.



p.s. it’s your path…remember that.

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