It’s up to you

I grew up primarily in the UK, in London. At the age of 1, I was given my first ‘career’ assessment inadvertantly.

A developmental nurse of sorts came in to view me playing with toys.

She told my mother to stop teaching me Gaelic, (which she did) and said to only focus on teaching one language (English).

Then, she said to my mother that when I grew up I’d probably only work with my hands and be a builder or something like this.

I ain’t got nothing against builders. In fact there’s a lot of graft that goes into that which is to be respected.

What I chuckle at is how on earth can you watch a kid play with toys and then ‘call it’!

The only one who can reall call it?


That’s right, good ol full of potential… you!

Regardless of what people may or may not have said +

Regardless of what you may or may not have said to yourself.

Take a mo.

Step back….

What are you capable of?

What are some of the things you’d love to do?

Which one do you think would give ya the greatest internal fulfillment and motivation?

“Your first step is to eliminate ideas that don’t bring you joy when you think of them. This should usually be the initial decision-making criterion, because life is short and you certainly don’t want to do something you don’t like.

You should next eliminate ideas that don’t have real potential to produce income. This doesn’t mean you can’t do those things as a hobby, but this book isn’t about hobbies. The goal is to make career changes that bring happiness and income.

Finally, you should eliminate ideas that you aren’t particularly good at, or where your skills aren’t unique.

Remember that there’s more than one path. But finding your dream career isn’t about what you can do; it’s about what you should do. The goal isn’t just to find any possible path but to find the path that is best for you.”

What ya thinking now?

What possibilities or next steps come to mind?



P.s by next steps we are simply referring here to perhaps research you could do, that cv you could update or write or start, that mini next step to looking at new possibilities. Start!

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