Is it late?

A casual slang term I’ve always chuckled at from former university friends is, ‘it’s late’.

Often when they have said ‘it’s late’ or ‘it’s very late’ they have not been referring to time of day or night but rather the level of challenge or complexity they or someone else are in.

A kind of lighthearted way of expressing challenge or stress.

For e.g.

A typical small talk conversation during exam times would be.

‘How’s the studies?’

‘It’s late’!

They’d crack on anyway despite the expression.

I raise this cos there are challenges and stressors that for sure come upon us when we step to those spaces that require focus and concentration, especially towards longer term goals like a project, degree, exam etc.

Despite this, we gotta ‘fight’ for our own attention to be put in the right places at the right time and weave and dodge the distractions…

When we do that…

"The most important thing to acknowledge is that it’s an unfair fight. On one side is a human being who’s just trying to get on with her prefrontal cortex, which is a million years old and in charge of regulating attention. That’s up against a thousand engineers on the other side of the screen, whose daily job is to break that and keep you scrolling on the infinite feed."

-Tristan Harris

Is it ‘late’ for you?!

Of course not, nor does it have to be more than is necessary!

Next time you see distractions on the horizon or coming up fast…

Run for the hills!


Take absolutely only the things you really need to take the next steps in your journey of potential.

Got an exam coming?

Take that textbook, exam pad and/or anything else you may need and get as far away and out of sight and out of mind of the distractions as possible.

With Arete,


P.s. Where is a distraction free zone for you?

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