Investor Ready

In the book 'The Elegant Pitch' there is a an interesting taking on 'Pitching' to an investor:

"The basis for a compelling pitch is a solid fact base. You'll need proof for every point you make in your story" (Figliuolo).

Let's have fun with this.

Let's say an investor steps to you.

Returning to that simple line 'proof for every point you make in your story" can you list things that have happened in your life that you are proud of, achieved, overcame, inspired?

See how many you can get.

What would you share with the investor that is compelling about you?

Another way of coming at this is through an approach where you take a piece of paper and pen.

On that paper write down all the compliments that you can recall that were shared with you at any point in your life. Go for it. List as many as you can.

When you sit down to approach your next study session have a read of the 'facts'.

Then go study.

With Arete,


p.s can you guess who the 'Investor' really is?

Its You.

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