Internal line

When you phone rings, do you answer it?

Most probably you do.

Check this out from Loehr...

“Negative emotions are like a phone ringing in your body. Don’t block the call; instead, give it a clear line into your brain. When negative emotions start surfacing and your internal-feelings phone is ringing—pick it up. A ringing phone indicates a need for recovery. Minor needs are signaled by soft rings—that is, by light negative emotions or feelings. You feel mildly irritated, hungry, tired, bored, or something similar. Urgent needs are signaled by loud, painful rings—by strong negative emotions such as intense fear, anger, depression, hopelessness, exhaustion, or something else with similar impact. The feelings and emotions you’re hearing are stress/recovery talk. Work at learning the skill of understanding and interpreting the meanings of negative emotions. A ringing phone—your awareness of negative emotion—serves a critical role. If you don’t get the message and respond in ways that fulfill the need, the phone will continue to ring. It will get louder and louder (cause you more and more pain) as time goes on without the need being met.”

Once in tune and you’ve answered the call consider this further from Loehr…

“While you can’t directly control your feelings, you can control your thoughts. Control the direction and content of your thoughts, and you will exert considerable control over how you feel.”



p.s. We’ve all got an internal line. How much you using your one?

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