Intercepting your Potential - Martin Seligman

I recently wrote to Professor Martin Seligman, founder of positive psychology and a prolific author and researcher of some fascinating areas of psychology ranging from 'learned helplessness through to more recent theories such as 'Flourishing'.

The question posed was quite simply this:

'What advice would you give to students seeking to develop their potential and possibilities?'

His response:

"Find the intersection of what you are a natural at with what the world needs you to do."

This brings to mind a Japanese term 'Ikigai' which in a nutshell is a concept that represents 'the reason for waking up'.

A big ask ...(and we will cover this more later) but for now two questions for you:

1. What are you a natural at (and really enjoy)?

2. What do you think the world needs?

If you feel some excitement (at the very least) when you've answered these two you are surely on to something...

With Arete,


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