Intentional Recovery

There is always an interesting insight that repeats itself whenever I’m on holiday.

That is…if I unplug fully and just ‘chill’ I’m not anywhere near as on my ‘A – game’ as when I’m in deep work mode.

To counter this?

I stay sharp and engage in other life – enhancing activities intentionally + in ways that aid rest and recovery.

For e.g. one weekend starting from Friday through Sunday I was in the gym 6 times. A combination of training for an up and coming event + swimming with the kids and just some physical stretching and recovery.

I was not trying to ‘save’ my energy as it were but pace myself…

“If we try to save our energy by becoming willpower couch potatoes, we will lose the strength we have. But if we try to run a willpower marathon every day, we set ourselves up for total collapse. Our challenge is to train like an intelligent athlete, pushing our limits but also pacing ourselves.” ~ Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D.

The trick in all of this is to find a balance between expending energy and reserving energy.

It's an individual thing.

Find your own pace and you’ll be able to oscillate between high performance and recovery in whatever field you are in.

No need for couch potato mode every day + weekend to ‘recover’ from that!

Intentionally find what works for you.



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