Inspiring others

Before going into a talking or workshop space, I’ve always found that a script alone just does not cut it.

Following word for word from talking cards or leaning on a slide presentation somehow misses something.

There’s always a sense that I need to intuitively know what the message deep down is I’m trying to convey.

“Next time you’re getting ready to persuade others, reconsider how you prepare. Instead of pumping yourself up with declarations and affirmations, take a page from Bob the Builder and pose a question instead. Ask yourself: ‘Can I move these people?’”

~ Daniel H. Pink

Whether through a formal presentation, a group, team, family member, friend, colleague, business partner or more, consider….

How can you ‘move’ aka inspire?

What would you need to share deep down?

Where do you feel inspiration?

Draw on that feeling.



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