Inspired University Experiences

I’ve had a lot of fulfilling vocation related experiences.

One of those was the preparation, coaching and planning involved in debuting a TEDx Salon in a university residence sector.

The lead time was about 12 months from concept to event.

The best part?

Watching students, some of whom had never spoken in front of hundreds before ,stand up and totally rock it.

They totally owned it on stage and got standing ovations.

The theme for the event was Inspired University experiences.

What made the event so inspiring was not the theme but the speakers themselves.

There’s a photo of them all together after the event I’m always fond of looking at.

It represents all of the hours and practice and courage and mental rehearsal and writing, rewriting, auditioning and facing fears that can go into a lot of processes that stretch you.

You don’t need to present at a ted event to express your own inspiration.

Just the courage to do so.

What’s your event?

Give it a name and then…

Practice! (with courage).

You’ve got this.



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