Habits of potential can be a most powerful way to almost automate increasingly high performance.

Imagine how much easier it is going to be if some of the daily activities or practices you rock (or seek to rock) become more ingrained as part of your daily routine.

Let’s back up for a minute and say this. There are absolutely no set behaviors that you must follow…nope!

More what I’m getting at is you wanna try and identify key practices towards your own potential that you can repeat consistently and easily over time.

For e.g. let's say you wanna become better at giving presentations…then practice presenting even if in front of your mirror when no one is watching.

Check this out from David Brooks…

“In 1877, the psychologist William James wrote a short treatise called ‘Habit.’ When you are trying to lead a decent life, he wrote, you want to make your nervous system your ally and not your enemy. You want to engrave certain habits so deep that they will become natural and instinctual. James wrote that when you set out to engrave a habit—say, going on a diet or always telling the truth—you want to launch yourself with as ‘strong and decided an initiative as possible.’ Make the beginning of a new habit a major event in your life. Then, ‘never suffer an exception’ until the habit is firmly rooted in your life. A single slip undoes many fine acts of self-control. Then take advantage of every occasion to practice your habit. Practice a gratuitous exercise of self-discipline every day….”

Here is a challenge for you.

Take the time to think about your potential and possibilities. Think about something that you are pulled towards.

Make a list of some of the key habits that a future you would have mastered and habituated…expressing on the regular.

Now pick one of those and think about a scaled down version of it.

e.g. let’s say a future you drinks 2 litres of water daily because that future you values increased vitality and this habit is perceived to contribute towards that.

A small version of that might literally be an espresso glass size version of water per day (at first).

The goal right now then would be to start - easy to win style - drinking a glass of water per day (just espresso) size.

Add enough of those ‘wins’ up over time and keep accumulating and incrementally gaining and guess what’s going to happen?




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