Increase zeal + energy

What gives you energy?

What energizes and inspires you?

“If you can increase your energy every day, you’ll turn moments that might otherwise be lost to mental and physical fatigue into usable time for your Highlights. …

Choosing a Highlight and getting into Laser mode are the core of Make Time. But the secret sauce is Energize. Our thesis is simple: If you have energy, it’s easier to maintain your focus and priorities and avoid reacting to distractions and demands. With a full battery, you have the power to be present, think clearly, and spend your time on what matters, not default to what’s right in front of you.” (Knapp)

Bottom line… find ways to increase your energy and zest and zeal daily.

Be willing to test ‘solutions’ and approaches that work under normal, sub -optimal and optimal conditions.

Do that increasingly and you got a whole new way to take on your ‘highlights’ with ‘laser mode’.

What could you accomplish and realize with such an unstoppable approach?



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