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Increase your Agency

Looking for increased energy and action towards your potential and possibilities?

Check out these 7 principles for building agency from Napper and Rao...

1. “Control Stimuli” – reduce the quantity of distractions in your ‘right now’ environment. Got anything that is a distraction while you are trying to rock it? Eliminate it.

2. “Associate selectively” – put yourself with peeps who support + challenge you to grow towards you potential + well being.

3. “Move” – literally ‘move’ and keep active in any way you can + rest. This will heighten your mental and physical stamina.

4. “Position Yourself as a Learner” – Question + listen + learn daily. It will deepen your understanding and promote your growth in capacity and knowledge.

5. “Manage Your Emotions and Beliefs” – grow your levels of self – awareness around emotions and beliefs that might have you off the path of your potential. You want to move towards believing in your potential, not away from it.

6. “Check Your Intuition” – call upon your wisdom, especially during difficult times.

7. “Deliberate, Then Act” – identify + weigh options with rationality. Then make decisions with clarity and decisiveness.

Which one could you test out more this week or in the week ahead?

with ARETE,


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