Let’s look at the definition of immersion.

Immersion = ‘deep mental involvement in something.’

To get to those next levels of potential and possibilities is gonna require that.

It’s gonna require you to lean in for concentrated periods of time and totally concentrate.

You could split your attention amongst many different things at the same time yet if you looking for that deep quality work…you gotta immerse.

“There is nothing more gratifying or fulfilling than setting a goal on the outer boundaries of what we think is possible, and then systematically pursuing it. In a paradoxical twist, we are often at our best when we wholly immerse ourselves in the process of getting better.” (STULBERG & MAGNESS)

What’s a goal that you currently have or could set on the ‘outer boundaries of what you think is possible’

What’ kind of goal do you have or could set to ‘get better’?

For example I set a writing goal this year that stretches me + requires me to totally immerse.

I’m not trying to do it all at once. Rather I’m tryin to “get better at the process of getting better.”

I’m trying to marginally yet consistently improve my ability to remain total ‘immersed’.

Identify an area of your potential where could devote your time + energy + focus to getting better.



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