Ever heard of the term imagineer?

Sounds cool huh?

What’s even more cool is what it means…

Check this out…

“Imagineering — the technique of showing our minds how we want things to go, and a term first made famous by the legendary dreamer, Walt Disney.

We should all take his advice and allow ourselves to practice sensory rich Imagineering. Champions use Imagineering prior to their events. It’s also often used by people in order to help them achieve successful completion of a project or an important goal over time. This simple practice has been proven to be so essential and so effective that the athlete who fails to practice this technique apparently never plays to his true potential. (Interestingly, the same results have been observed with actors and musicians as well.) For performance of any kind, mental preparation is as important as physical training. So, if you leave “Imagineering” out of your preparation, you will be hurting yourself and helping your opponent.” (Gonzalez)



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