Imagine a Future You

Ever come across this term - 'Ikigai?'

Ikigai is a Japanese term that literally means the reason why one wakes up in the morning.

Dr. Hankel, author of 'Black Hole Focus' who describes this offers the following message...

"If your story is not inspiring you, it's time to change it."

Hankel says...

"You are in control of your priorities - you can erase old priorities and define new priorities at will."

Try this out from book 'Becoming a Student of Purpose.'

Imagine a future you where you have realized your greatest purpose. Write a letter to yourself now from an imagined you in the future where you have become a student of purpose. What words of wisdom, encouragement, insight and support would you share with you now?

What would you express to yourself now to help you realize your (current) greatest purpose?

More Purpose, More POTENTIAL,

with ARETE,


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