If you see a window

I'm sitting in a bit off traffic on a bit of a rainy day as I write this (no I'm not driving in case your wondering).

I'm being 'driven' but not really.

Although I'm sitting as a passenger, it's morning and I'm crystal clear focused and on point.

Why say I'm not being 'driven' + the traffic?

Cos it's really really easy right now to see the traffic + waiting to hit my destination as an excuse for 'distractions'.

In this case no.

My cell is packed away out of sight. All wifi connectivity disconnected and it's just my concentration + intention + deep work goal at hand to rock.

I'm not saying you need to rock this style but more consider those times where you get a gap.

Do you filll it with distractions and directionless button pushing or rather take a road less travelled towards your Potential?

I could right now surf' n browse the Internet or check messages fomo style but at the end of the day are those really gonna help?

Nope. Of course not.

I've got a window here to work a little but more on what I value so I'm gonna take it.

Got any windows today you could grab towards your Potential?

Grab em with both hands.

With Arete,


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