If you designed a T-Shirt

Got any t-shirts with cool sayings or slogans on em?

If you could custom make a t-shirt with your own unique saying what would you put on it.

Check this out from Covey…

“When I was working in North Carolina, I was given a shirt imprinted with the state motto in Latin, Esse quam videri, which means ‘To be rather than to seem.’ This should be the motto of every person seeking primary greatness.”

You wanna be the genuine article or you wanna be a cheap knock off?

Come on now….you know the answer to that.

You are the genuine real deal so you don’t need to seem.

Just be the ‘real deal’ that you are.

To do that?

Commit, commit, and commit to what you stand for and the potential waiting for to be expressed.

Esse quam videri



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