Identify + Act

Imagine a close friend or family member straight talking you n sayin 'I'm not so interested in what you are feeling"!

Would seem a bit harsh, no?

Well, here is a different spin and remix on feelings and action that might just come in very handy...

“I told you that I was less interested in how you feel and more interested in who you want to be... I asked you to write down those same three words in the opposite direction. It’s the direction that holds the most promise for your life:




You begin by asking, “Who am I going to be?” You decided to be courageous again.

So what’s next? Act that way. Act with courage. And here comes the part that’s so simple it’s easy to miss: the way you act will shape the way you feel. You act with courage and immediately your fears start to shrink and you begin to grow. If you want to feel differently, act differently." (Greitens)

Over at this approach of identity, action, feelings forms as a prerequisite to repeat over 200 days in three different areas daily - 'Energy, Work, Love'.

The premise is you don't necessarily have one identity but different roles or identities in different actual and envisioned life spheres.

For e.g, as a Student what is your 'ideal' identity + what is the action you need to take to move towards that?

e.g. Identity = I'm a high performing student

Action = I sit down to study gaps in my knoweldge and commit to the learning process

Feelings = I feel quite accomplised.

The feelings will come.

Try it out.

with ARETE,


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