I am a Student of Potential

What does the word Student really mean to you?

Check this out and repeat aloud or in your mind

’I am a student of possibilities who constantly defines, discovers and develops my own potential and my own possibilities, repeatedly. I never stop because my potential never stops. I am always levelling up. Always. Always. Always.’

What can you do today to level up just a little?

with Arete



Want to level up your potential a little today?

Here is a woop (wish, outcome, obstacle and plan on this) example on how this might happen - remember your woops must be unique to you. No one size fits all here.

Wish = to take one tiny step towards my potential today

Outcome = I’ll level up a little bit more and be closer to an even better version of myself

Obstacle = I feel sluggish and tired

Plan = If I feel sluggish and tired I’ll identify one tiny easy step I can take and execute it because I know it will create momentum like a domino effect for other tiny actions …butterfly effect style!

Yes, butterfly effect…hit it Maestro!

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