How you practice = How you play

Every weekend over a year (straight outta studies) I’d meet up with some training buddies. We’d work it in martial arts training. One of em would train each weekend (and always) like he was hungry.

He was newer to the game then us, yet his progress showed the opposite.

“How you practice = How you play.

It’s that simple. I don’t care if we’re talking about basketball or ballet, cooking or checkers. The way in which you prepare for a challenge is usually related to your success in that same challenge. If the level at which you practice is commensurate with the task, then on ‘game day,’ you’ll be fine.

When I first joined the San Francisco 49ers, I brought with me something that I had adopted early on in my football career: running out every catch in practice. So even after the most

simple receiving route and catch, I would go full speed toward the end zone. I know many of the veterans thought I was crazy or that I was a hot dog trying to show them up, but it’s the only way I know how to practice—to treat it like a game. Sure enough, some of my teammates took my lead and before long we were all running out every play in practice. That’s not a testament to me, but an ode to practicing the way you want to play.”

How do you wanna play?

What’s that look like during practice?

With Arete,


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