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How in tune are you?

How in tune are you to with how you feel?


To what extent do you let your feelings knock you or keep you down?

Check this from Millman.

“Accept emotions completely, let your feelings be; just don’t let them run your life.”

Great n all yet how do you do that?

“The most constructive way to influence your emotions is to do something.” (Millman)

I’ll give an example here.

I’ll wake up sometimes and feel like it’s better to remain in bed and sleep in and snooze and the justifications kick in.

It’s 5.50 am as I’m writing this one and guess what? I did not let those initial feelings run.


Cos when I actually got up, those initial feelings started to dissipate.

I accepted them for what they were at the time but then did something – got up.

And guess what?

They gave way to other thoughts and feelings which built momentum.

Bottom line...

You do not have to let your less than resourceful emotional state dictate what you are capable of.



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