How bad do you want it?

How badly do you want it? Whatever that might be for ya…

Check this out from Fitzgerald.

“The question that each athlete faces in the crucial moments of a race—How bad do you want it?—is fundamentally a question of motivation. A number of factors influence how close a fire walker gets to the wall of his or her ultimate physical limit, but motivation exerts the strongest influence. Lurking behind the question of how badly an athlete wants to do his or best is a deeper question... Is it worth it? The intensity of an athlete’s motivation to achieve the best performance he or she can is determined largely by the value placed on it. Athletes push through extremely high levels of perceived effort in races because they anticipate being rewarded. In most cases this reward is neither utilitarian (e.g., money) nor sensorial (e.g., a delicious celebratory meal) but personal. Some sort of meaning is attached to doing one’s best. That is its value. And the meaning is different for every athlete.”

What’s your most powerful reason?



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